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Itchy Red Patches | Eczema

2012 Baby Skin Survival Guide: EczemaLooks Like

Itchy, bumpy, inflamed rash, probably on cheeks, wrists, hands, elbows or knees - could be ECZEMA. 


Caused By

A combination of factors, no one knows exactly. 

Custom Skincare Recommendations 

Episencial 3 Step System

  • Cleanse as needed with Playful Wash.
  • Nourish with Soothing Cream 3X per day.
  • Defend with Sunny Sunscreen as needed.

Special Notes for Bothered Skin

  • Spread Cheeky Salve over affected patches
  • 4X per day.  Good to layer over Soothing Cream.
  • Limit sun exposure. Inflamed skin is more susceptible to sun damage.
  • At night, layer Nurturing Balm over Soothing Cream just before bed.

For raw skin, use only cleanser, salve and balm. 

Episencial does not diagnose skin conditions, nor are Episencial products intended to treat, prevent or cure any skin disease. If a skin condition does not improve with time, or if you are concerned, consult your medical professional immediately.

Health Tips

prevent secondary infection

avoid long baths/keep skin moist and protected

defend weakened skin against UV rays

use a de-chlorinator for bathing/drinking water

purify the air and use a humidifier

 Doctor's Note

Episencial improves upon a natural foundation by creating safe, actively healthy products designed to support skin’s vital immune functions.  Alan Greene, MD

Dr. Greene is a practicing Pediatrician, renowned author and father of four. 


Ask your doctor for treatment options. Episencial is designed to enhance skin immunity. It is not a treatment for Eczema. 



Episencial Moms’ Tips & Tricks for Soothing Baby Skin

Soothing Tips for Dry Skin & Eczema Prevention:

Did you know that 100% of babies and kids have dermatitis in their first year of life? Or that about 70% of what goes on the skin can go into the body and enter the blood stream very quickly? Baby skin is so permeable that it is easily dehydrated, infected and highly susceptible to eczema.

If you or your baby has ever experienced dry skin, allergies or dermatitis like eczema, or your skin just needs TLC, the Soothing Cream is for you!

Tips & tricks:

  • Problem: Eczema, itchy, bothered skin
    Solution: Soothing Cream contains organic calendula, green tea and neem oil to boost skin immunity and support skin healing.
  • Problem: Dry, sundrenched, dehydrated skin
    Solution: Soothing Cream contains organic borage seed oil, jojoba seed oil and oat extract to hydrate and restore.
  • Problem: Need an effective baby rash cream that is safe to use with cloth diapers?
    Solution: Soothing cream will provide relief and prevention without staining diapers. Perfectly washable too!
  • Problem: Skin so dry it needs a super boost of hydration
    Solution: Soothing before Snuggly! For extra-dry, cracked or chapped skin, apply Soothing Cream first, then layer the Snuggly Lotion on top to seal in moisture. The organic aloe from Soothing Cream locks in water, while snuggly lotion seals and protects the skin surface with nourishing organic oils. The two together leave skin hydrated and rebalanced.
  • Problem: Baby Acne and Cradle Cap
    Solution: Soothing Cream contains probiotics and EFAs to loosen cradle cap and help prevent and treat baby acne!
  • Problem: The not-so fun side effects of pregnancy: Itchy growing belly, hemorrhoids, cracked sore nipples and swollen feet
    Solution: Soothing Cream = Pregnancy miracle worker! The combination of Actively Healthy™ingredients provides relief in all the right places.
  • Problem: Want to steal baby’s Soothing Cream for yourself
    Solution: Go for it! Along with all the benefits for baby, there are also plenty of uses for mom. Use: After facial peel or wax, to soothe dry, swollen feet or as a night cream (Soothing Cream is non-comedogenic). Don’t forget dad! Soothing Cream is the perfect after-shave balm.


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Itchy Red Patches | Eczema