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Professional Advisors

Episencial is at the cutting edge of environmentally responsible, clinical skin care for children and moms — a position that comes with great responsibility to both parents and professionals, and an obligation we embrace with pride and honor.

Our board of advisors includes the world?s foremost childbirth, postpartum, and healthy parenting professionals, ranging from an obstetrician to lactation consultants, each offering vast experience and guidance to help us provide the most effective, sustainably manufactured and safest productsavailable today and in the future.

Dr. Greene is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of California at San Francisco. Upon completion of his pediatric residency program at Children?s Hospital Medical Center of Northern California he served as Chief Resident. He entered primary care pediatrics in January 1993. He is now a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, an Attending Pediatrician at Packard Children?s Hospital, and a Senior Fellow at the University California San Francisco Center for the Health Professions.

Dr. Greene is the Past President of The Organic Center and on the Board of Directors of Healthy Child Healthy World. He is a founding partner of the Collaborative on Health and the Environment. He also consults for the Environmental Working Group.


Professional Education ? CEUs by Kathi Salley Randall, RNC, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC

Kathi Salley Randall, RN, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner with more than 17 years neonatal nursing experience and she is a passionate environmental advocate. In 2008, Kathi created a website, called to share resources and provide education to other concerned nurses working in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Kathi believes that a baby?s first bedroom whether in the NICU or at home should be free from toxins that can potentially harm a baby or the staff caring for the newborn. She is an international speaker and is excited to share with others the shocking reality of our modern chemical world and the health effects of some common skin care products.

Click here now to start your free 1-unit CEU web-module about Non-Toxic Choices to Support Skin Immunity today with Kathi Salley Randall, sponsored by Episencial. – 1 unit only, ask Kathi


Lactation Consultant Advisors:

Corcky & Wendy Photo

Corky and Wendy

Wendy Haldeman MN, RN, IBCLC

Corky Harvey MS, RN, IBCLC

Corky and Wendy have been working for women?s and baby?s health for over 30 years. They began as Lamaze teachers, worked as RNs, completed specialty training at UCLA and evolved their educational platform from a simple ?Baby Bootcamp? class to the vast array of products, classes and services now available at their Pumpstation & Nurtury stores. They have extensive experience in many areas dealing with pregnancy, birth, newborns and pediatrics, but recognize that there is a unique and critical need for specific education in lactation support. They work directly with new moms and inform the Episencial products by communicating exactly what new moms want from day to day. Wendy and Corky work without end to help mothers lovingly care for their newborn babies.

?As a lactation consultant I consider it my duty to alert parents to the hidden risks associated with what we put in and on our bodies and those of babies. I have every confidence in Epicuren Baby products, use them on my grandson, and recommend them because not only are they 100 percent natural and, therefore, toxin-free, but the formulations effectively protect and nurture the skin and its immune functions.? – Corky Harvey


Ashley Koff

Nutrition & Health Advisor:

Ashley Koff RD

Ashley Koff RD strives to make better nutrition a way of life for all. Never preachy, Koff takes the best of nutrition and makes it doable. Koff appears monthly on?Good Morning America Health; developed?HuffPost Living’s ‘Total Energy Makeover’ with Ashley Koff RD; selected?as?Hollywood’s Dietitian, InStyle?magazine featured Koff’s work in their coveted December issue (Dec 2009). A proud supporter of all things organic, Koff uses all her access points ? patients, healthcare practitioner colleagues, media, entertainment productions, and corporations ? to increase awareness and consumption of organic goods. You can email Ashley at:?


Linda Storm

Infant & Pregnancy Massage Advisor:

Linda Storm, CEIM

Linda Storm is the Executive Director of Infant Massage USA, and a Certified International Trainer and Educator of Infant Massage since 1999. Linda, originally an elementary/special education teacher, believes massage has the potential to support family bonding and also the health of our society by creating more opportunities for improved communication, and joy.

As a key resource, directly effecting the lives of thousands of people throughout her career, Linda travels nationally and internationally, presenting and writing about her specialty as a coveted expert in this field and has presented workshops at national conferences and written articles for national magazines and newspapers. As the Executive Director of Infant Massage USA, Linda supports a quality, evidence-based program to help parents and babies enjoy the life-long benefits of nurturing touch. For Episencial, Linda informs product development to incorporate the favorite ingredients, and features of massage professionals.


Jeanne Ohm

Pediatric Chiropractic Advisor:

Jeanne Ohm, DC

With more than 30 years experience as a practicing Family Chiropractor, Dr. Ohm has been featured on radio, TV, in Print as well as at the community level providing continuing chiropractic education at the state and national school level specializing in pediatric and pregnancy and working directly with individuals to share about chiropractic Family Wellness and Lifestyle issues. Dr. Ohm is an author and serves as an advisor and executive board member to many important organizations in the health and wellness industry including Healthy Child Healthy World and the Holistic Mom?s Network.


Stephanie Riley

Naturopathic/Environmental Advisor:

Stephanie Riley, ND, CNDA, AANP, AAEM

Dr. Riley?s approach to healing combines clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and physical medicine. She also incorporates Cranial Sacral and Visceral

Manipulation techniques, as well as Nalbudripad?s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) for the treatment of food and environmental sensitivities.

In her practice, Dr. Riley maintains a focus in the area of environmental medicine, paying particular attention to the fact that children are not simply small adults, due to their proximity to the ground and rapid development, they are much more susceptible to chemicals and toxins on our world and the risks posed have a much greater effect on their health. She is a member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA), American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) as well as an advisor for

Sarah McMoyler

Childbirth Expert:

Sarah McMoyler, RN, BSN

Sarah McMoyler, author of The Best Birth book and DVD, and WebMD Expert, developed the McMoyler Method of childbirth education based on her 20+ years in Labor and Delivery nursing and new parent education. ?She is a teacher’s teacher with intimate knowledge of the expectations, fears and weighty emotions that accompany labor and delivery. ?Sarah is knowledgeable, compassionate,?experienced and presents an empowering message about how to best prepare for the hospital birthing experience with a focus on communication and the shared goal of healthy babies and healthy moms.

At Episencial we are strongly committed to supporting every day moms and to supporting the actively healthy choices they make for their families. ?There?s a lot of information out there, many will tell you that one birthing environment is better than another. ?At Episencial, we support YOUR choice ? be it hospital, home, or anywhere else – because there is nothing more personal than the choices you make in birthing and parenting. Sarah’s tools and techniques for pain management, communication, and an understanding of the physiology of birthing will help you no matter what choices you make.