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Skin Immunity: Your Baby’s Immune System Depends on Healthy Skin

Last week, vaccinations were, again, a hot topic. Whether you are pro or con, the thing I love about the fact that this is in the news again is that it draws our attention to immunity in general and it promotes education about it. Even more interesting is that a growing number of parents are educating themselves about immunization and taking immunity into their own hands. We love this for a number of reasons, the main reason being that we have the tools to research and wonderful resources to draw from.

As a mom, I, too, am bombarded with information overload about what is or isn’t important and necessary to maintain my childrens health. I think what moms may often overlook is the fact that what goes on the body (topically) is just as important as what goes IN the body (ingested or administered). Think about this you feed and nourish your kids bodies every day with food and nutrition, but the fact is most of us also use a daily product on our childrens skin –thats an opportunity to nourish and protect the body, as well.

Skin is more than our protective cover, it is vital to our health.? Our immune system relies upon healthy skin to function at the most basic level. Understanding skins role in good health is how Episencial skin care makes an actively healthy difference for you, your family and our planet.

The skin is part of the body’s immune system, responsible for three specific functions.

1. Barrier Immunity the skin is a permeable barrier. It is designed to keep out and move out stuff the body does need, like dirt, germs, bacteria and waste. Barrier.

2. Antimicrobial Immunity – the skin has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can defend against germs and bacteria on its surface. Defense.

3. Assistive Immunity – the skin helps the body identify, recognize and remember germs and bacteria for the rest of the body to be able to initiate a well-targeted immune response for both the first and future encounters. Protection.

When developing skin is dehydrated, under-nourished, cracked, irritated or disrupted, the whole body’s immunity can be compromised.

What we suggest Use Episencials 3-step Professional Skin Care System to safely care for developing skin.

Who else uses it Episencials award winning products are used in hospital NICUs to safely cleanse newborn skin– helping to support skin immunity.

What do you think We really love to hear what you think about Episencial and how you make them a part of your family’s healthy lifestyle. Let us know if you would like to try a sample and start making a difference in your family’s skincare health. Have something to say Let me know at

Kim Walls
Episencial, Inc.