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Episencial News Round Up 3/12/12

It all comes down to choices when you?re a parent. Do you want to co-sleep or cry it out? Breast-feed or bottle feed? Strict rules or gentle encouragement? There?s no ?right? way to parent and although we may start out feeling one way, our opinions may change in the moment. I know my convictions about no TV until my kids were at least two flew right out the window once I saw that The Wiggles let me make breakfast and take a shower. The parenting stories below highlight the choices some parents have made for their families that may not be what the majority is doing but what feels right to them Vann Games.

  1. No more time-outs says this mom who explains why she eschews this popular form of discipline
  2. This mom chooses to believe in the public school system and not send her kids to private schooling.
  3. This mom opts for low-key at home birthday parties instead of the mega-bashes that are increasing in popularity among the preschool set.
  4. This dad argues that instead of using Ritalin to medicate children with hyperactive tendencies, we should consider scaling down the stimulation.
  1. This father feels conflicted about when and why to say ?No.”

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Robin Saks Frankel
An Episencial Mom