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Epicuren Baby

The luxuriously all natural Epicuren Baby products, featuring the imagery of world renowned photographer Anne Geddes, enhance the bonding experience between parent and child with Episencial’s signature Bonding Aromatherapy? oil blend. With over 75% certified organic ingredients, the aromatherapy oils in Epicuren Baby products work individually to protect, sooth and calm both baby and parent, as well as in concert across the entire product line to enhance the closeness and joy experienced through touch and smell.

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Episencial aromatherapy blends support the nurturing experiences we share with our children by enhancing the sensory pathways from basic grooming to the loving touch of baby massage. By using naturally luxurious Epicuren Baby products from birth, parents support a lifetime of closeness and good habits with pure, gentle formulations to maximize the bonding experience that occurs during pregnancy, nursing, massage, cuddling and grooming.

When babies are blessed with the opportunity to form a strong bond with their family members from the very beginning, they are happier, grow faster, handle stressful situations better, and experience improved overall health. A closely bonded family is a healthier family.

Like all Episencial products, the Epicuren Baby line was conceived by combining the most advanced skincare technology and healthcare traditions from across the globe to create all natural, effective skin care products that care for the delicate nature of babies, moms and our planet. Simply stated, Episencial products deliver the best of all worlds.