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Hospital Program

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Babytime! by Episencial is the #1 Organic Brand in Hospitals?

Leading neonatal departments across the country are exclusively adopting all natural Babytime! by Episencial products for the cleansing and hydrating of newborn skin. Our products are designed to avoid exposure to unnecessary, and potentially harmful chemicals.

Created by professional skin care clinicians, in partnership with our Pediatric Medical Director, Alan Greene, MD, ?our natural products, made with organic ingredients, are formulated specifically for the most sensitive baby skin – even the virtually transparent skin of newborns. Hundreds of pediatricians have asked us for samples and?Babytime!?products are chosen by hospitals throughout the United States and Canada.

Developed by Episencial, the Green From Day One program is a promise between expecting parents and their hospital caregivers to help babies and their families take the first steps in making healthier choices for their bodies and the planet. Choosing predominantly organic, sustainable products for the care of babies, including Babytime! by Episencial and its partners, is the fulfillment of that promise.

Participating hospitals become local advocates of healthy and sustainable living practices – a point of distinction in the ever-increasingly competitive health care market. In addition to products made with organic ingredients, Episencial supports its Green From Day One participants with resources including educational materials and programs to help extend awareness of the effort to the local community.

If you are interested in working with your local hospital to start a Green From Day One program, please call

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Call Kate in Customer Service

Hospital Support for Babytime! by Episencial

Babies come into the world naked and vulnerable, exposed to a new and challenging environment. For newborns, adjusting to life outside the womb begins immediately as the first breath and, shortly thereafter, the first bath is drawn.

Traditionally, many of the products used at this milestone event were derived from harsh synthetic chemicals. Given the transdermal properties of this incredibly delicate skin – as much as five times thinner than adult skin – there could be a risk of those chemicals finding their way into the body, where they could have unintended health consequences.

More and more parents and healthcare practitioners are embracing the concept that what goes on your body can have as much impact on your health as what goes in your body ? putting the choice of skin care products in a new light.