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Core Values

We?exist to?serve families, especially moms. For us ?to serve??is to partner, to support families along the way, through life’s changes and challenges in real, tangible and practical ways.

We are?mindful?and?considerate. We are concerned about the fundamental connection between our health and our environment.??We ask the hard questions about how our choices and actions influence each other for good and for ill.??We seek to find new ways to open communication and dialogue about the present and the future of our children, families and our planet.

We?provide?real value – economically, emotionally, and actually, through our products. Actions speak louder than words.

We are?contributors – authentic, sincere, and transparent in actions.??We are proactive:??We want to solve problems and become a part of solutions, initiate new ideas and develop new products.

We are?perfectionists. We embrace and maintain the highest standards for performance and product quality. We hold ourselves individually and as a group to those standards. Our motto is?flawless execution.

We co-exist as a?community… as a village. We rely and depend upon one another. We ask each other open and honest?questions. We try always to keep our word and honor our promises, and strive to maintain open-hearts and cultivate compassion.??We show up when and where we are needed.

We?work hard and with?self-discipline. We are goal-driven, and results and outcome oriented. We believe that?working smart?is better than?working long.??But at the end of the day, if there is a job to do, we will make sure it gets done properly and completely.

We?think. We are thoughtful, sentient people who think freely, debate openly and often. We are people of good-will. We listen to and think about each other’s arguments and points of view whether we agree with them or not.?We respect each other?s differences as much as we acknowledge our similarities.

We are?powerful. We understand and believe?each and every person has the unique ability and an individual responsibility to influence the world around us in a myriad of positive ways… and our power is exponentially magnified through a cooperation and communication which leads to new visions and collective efforts.

We are?optimists. We truly believe that anything is possible…truly; anything is possible for the good if we keep our focus and our connections.

We are?peaceful. Ultimately, we create and work toward balance and peace within ourselves, with our families, our environment, and the world around us.