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playful wash

2-in-1 shampoo + body gel


We love the Playful Wash in this house! Our daughter suffers from eczema and cradle cap, and this product has worked on both like nothing els we have tried. Her eczema is gone, and the cradle cap always look so much better after bath. We also love to know that we're not putting anything harmful, damaging, or potentially carcinogenic on her pretty little head or body. Wonderful!!!!

soothing cream

Organic, creamy lotion
for itchy, bothered skin


While "Magic Lotion" might not sound as calming and effective as "Soothing Cream," it sure does cover what Soothing Cream does: everything! We have used this wonderful product for so many different uses. Our daughter's eczema is the obvious use.

sunny sunscreen

Gentle face and body lotion
with UVA/UVB protection


Gentle but mighty defense against the elements, EWG top safety rated